5 Ways You Can Make Your Brand Sizzle

5 Ways You Can Make Your Brand Sizzle

Branding used to be the domain of big business. The biggies were the ones who could afford massive and intensive branding campaigns using the trifecta of traditional mass media: television, print and radio. Of course, the Web has changed all that and these days online marketing channels have leveled the playing field so that small businesses can easily compete with big corporations when it comes to promoting their brands.

Here are five approaches, made possible by the Web, that can help you put your small business at par with the Nikes and Coca-Colas of your industry..

  1. Leverage available talent and technology to make your product look sexy and desirable, precisely so that the customer will desire it. Audience attention is a rare and valuable commodity, so you will want your product to have enough oomph to stop people in their tracks and take notice.

If necessary, engage the services of professionals to give you marketing materials that look professional and polished. Make sure that your advertising copy sparkles so that your prospects can’t keep their eyes and their minds away from what you offer.

  1. Establish yourself as the expert in your industry. Let me rephrase that; establish yourself as THE expert in your industry. People naturally want the best for their needs. If you’re not the best, then do what it takes to be the best. Learn the lessons, earn the recognition and, most importantly, let everyone know that you are the leading authority on the subject. I don’t mean to go about bragging about your skills to everyone. But now would be a good time to produce that high quality original content you’ve been told is crucial to establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

  1. Swing away, and keep swinging. Persistence keeps you in the game while consistency helps you build trust with your audience. Persistence will keep you going when the chips are down, letting you hang in there until the storm breaks and the sun shines through. Consistency will let your audience feel that they can rely on you to deliver, even through rain, sleet or snow.

  1. Let people try out your product and let the experience hook them in. If you are selling a product, give away free samples. If you are marketing a service, provide free consultations to help prospects understand what needs to be done for them. Let your product sell itself. It will probably do a better job than you or any other salesperson.

  1. Engage with your community. This is another way to build trust with the people you want to sell to later. The trust comes much more easily if people can put a face to your name. Interacting with your community also gives you the opportunity to give back or pay forward. And it helps you listen in on the sentiments people may have about your products, giving you vital feedback to help you make the necessary adjustments to improve your business.

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