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web design servicesAs a small business you understand that you must have a "voice" within your marketplace and that means getting your business exposed to the World Wide Web. But, developing an online presence that can actually generate business for your company is not so simple. A range of high-quality tools are needed. Large companies spend thousands (if not millions) on their online presence and most small to medium-sized businesses simply can't compete with that kind of buying power to get those tools.

What if there was a way to compete online without spending a fortune?

There is. One great thing about the Internet is that even the smallest companies can grow their revenue without the need for large marketing budgets. At Voxy CMS our goal is to help smaller companies do just that. For starters, we use our proprietary publishing platform as a framework to custom-develop high-end business websites, which means we can offer high quality custom website solutions for much less. We know that small businesses don't have the kind of funding that these large companies have and can't develop the types of websites they do.

But, as a small business you CAN compete with ANYONE on the Web.

We're not saying that you should expect to become the next Amazon right out of the gate, but we are saying you can increase your company's leads and sales in a dramatic way by showing your business within the design of a professional  website where you engage your clients--clients who can then get pertinent information and interact with you. We recommend you use our built-in marketing tools to implement marketing strategies that you will find in our members only coaching program.

What good is a Website if it doesn't produce?

True, you could hire a freelance developer to build your online presence using open-source software. But, it's not likely that you will find one that can build the kind of websites we do, or build this quality with these tools. Voxy CMS will help you throughout the entire process to make sure you get a highly professional product.

We give you a complete solution.

We provide you with high-end Web design as well as tools and advice to make your online business a successful one.

  • Custom Web design for each and every site. Some companies simply modify templates that they purchase online, but our designs are 100% original concepts derived from the collaboration between our clients and our project managers.
  • We give you a powerful content management suite that provides you with total control over your content. You decide what sections of your pages you want to be able to edit -- as many as you need -- and we code your pages to make those sections editable via your admin interface.

  • Publish your own newsletter. Our newsletter management suite allows you to create customized newsletter templates, create segmented groups, track opens and clicks and more. Create your campaigns and track traffic, ROI, and conversion rates with ease.
  • We offer SEO friendly web sites. We help you with the initial search engine optimization to make sure your website has the best chance possible right out of the gate. Our publishing platform allows you to add meta tags, alt tags and anything else you need to maintain your SEO.

  • Business modules  that provide you with the kind of Website that would cost thousands to develop elsewhere. Currently we have modules for real estate, e-commerce, music sitescommunity sites and membership sites (with more on the way).
  • Customized business modules can be developed for suit your business needs. We have several pre-built business modules, and we can modify our framework to your specs.
  • Internet Marketing - We have a staff of marketing professionals  that can help you develop your online strategies using the latest iterations of online marketing techniques such as SEO, SMM, Email Marketing and more.
  • Graphic Design - Whether you need graphics for your web site or print brochure, we can help. Our designers are among the best in the industry and can fill your company's creative needs.


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We use a simple iterative approach to web development to ensure that the end results are to your exact specs.

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